Want to know More About Christmas Decoration?

The Christmas tree is one of the typical ornaments that must be present in the celebration, which is commemorated every December 25. In general, the types of trees used are spruce and pine.

The Christmas Decoration tree that stands tall in the corner of the house is a symbol of the owner’s pride and joy during this festive period. But in fact, decorating a Christmas tree is not as easy as it seems.

Want to know More About Christmas Decoration?

How to decorate a good Christmas tree is not arbitrary. Because there are many knick-knacks, ornaments, and lights, ribbons must be installed and balanced so that the appearance of the Christmas tree is perfectly decorated and elegant.

Concept Building For Christmas Decoration

Before starting to decorate, you must prepare the right tools so that the decoration process is fast, safe, and without problems.

Must-have tools for decorating a Christmas tree include cotton gloves to prevent scratching the skin when bending branches and a sturdy ladder or step stool to attach ornaments to the top of the tree.

If all the tools and preparations are available, see how to decorate the following Christmas tree to match the theme you want.

1. Define the concept

Illustration. How to decorate a nice Christmas tree by determining the concept first

Knowing which concept to choose will determine your next steps in using ornaments and other decorations for the Christmas tree.

For example, if you want to use a Christmas concept with a golden shimmer, then the selected trinkets are golden, brown, orange, or other colors of gradation.

If you want to carry a white Christmas, then you can combine silver and white ornaments and combine them with white or warm white lights to match the color.

Another theme that can be considered for an elegant Christmas tree feel is a rustic Christmas that exposes brown, gray, beige, and white colors.

Then the traditional Christmas concept by highlighting the combination of green, red, and gold. Blue Christmas with tree concept and blue-and-white ornaments. Furthermore, modern or glamorous themes are according to individual preferences.

2. Shape and separate tree branches

ornamenHow to decorate a nice Christmas tree by smoothing the branches

Smoothing tree branches make your Christmas tree look fuller and more natural.

Citing House Beautiful, before starting to decorate, this step should not be missed because the tree will lose its original shape after being stored in a box for almost a year.

Want to know More About Christmas Decoration?

Although this work is very time-consuming, believe me, the end result will make the tree look lush, alive, and more natural.

You can separate each branch so the branches are spread out. The goal is to cover empty areas or gaps in the tree, which of course, is highly avoided.

Feel free to bend branches to fill or close gaps that appear empty.

As luxurious as your Christmas tree decorations are, if the tree is not shaped properly, it will make it look less attractive.

3. Install the lights

The first and foremost thing you need to do when decorating a Christmas tree is to attach the lights first. It will be more difficult if you put the lights after decorations like knick-knacks and garlands.

Balsam Hill recommends that you start with a series of bulbs with a plug. Then wrap it around the trunk of the Christmas tree from the center of the base of the tree, all the way up.

Continue tying the lights evenly around the branch from the base or base of the trunk and work your way up.

Another tip, choose a cable color that matches or is similar to your tree, so it doesn’t seem messy.

4. Choose the right decoration

Photo: iStockphoto/Maryna Andriichenko

illustration. How to decorate a nice Christmas tree by choosing the right decorations

Based on a predetermined theme, you can choose the type, color, and shape of tree decorations, ribbons, or other decorations that match the theme. The decorations must be appropriate as they will be incorporated into the complete look of your tree.

Currently, there are many choices of decoration in a set that includes various shapes, sizes, even accents, and designs.

You can also combine the new decorations with a few traditional knick-knacks you have, such as miniature bells, socks, or Santa.

5. Separate ornaments by category

The next good way to decorate a Christmas tree is to choose ornaments. Balsam Hill design consultant Brad Schmidt suggests grouping trinkets according to size.

Want to know More About Christmas Decoration?

At least dividing into three parts–large, medium, and small–can give a neat impression and add to the visual appeal of the Christmas tree.

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You can also group them by the same cut or shape, or color.

To make things easier, lay them all on the floor so you can see them freely. Then sort by sorting the ornaments into similar categories. Thus, your task is more.

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